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Avian Evolution, Behavior and Conservation – Kevin E. Omland

The Omland Lab studies a range of topics in avian evolution, behavior and conservation.  Much of our research for the last 20 years has focused on New World orioles (Icterus), including studies of their phylogeny, speciation, hybridization and coloration.  Recent research has emphasized elaborate female coloration and female song.

For the last several years, we have been studying the critically endangered Bahama Oriole in close collaboration with the Bahamas National Trust.  We recently received NSF funding for this project from the Office of International Science and Engineering OISE-1827110. This grant can help fund both undergraduate and PhD research.

*** UMBC STUDENT SUMMER RESEARCH – Applications Due Feb. 20, 2020. ***

We also have ongoing work female bird song, currently focussed on Eastern Bluebirds.  Finally, in 2018 we completed a major study on speciation reversal in ravens that was published in Nature Communications.

Prospective students please email me about the Bahama Oriole Project or about other projects that fit well with our recent or ongoing projects.


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