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Link to Kevin Omland’s UMBC Profile including all publications since 2011:

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Select Publications (not regularly updated, see above links):

Kearns, A. M., Malloy, J. F., Gobbert, M. K.,. Thierry, A., Boles, W., Joseph, L., Driskell, A. C., and Omland, K. E.  (2019)  Nuclear introns help unravel the diversification history of the Australo-Pacific Petroica robins. vol. 131 48-54 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

Odom, K. J., Rose, E. M., Hallworth, M. T., Diaz-Marrero, O. A., and Omland, K. E. (2019) Females and males maintain similar sized, stable territories between the breeding and non-breeding seasons in a tropical oriole (Icterus icterus). Wilson Journal of Ornithology, in press

Kearns, A. M., Restani, M., Szabo, I., Schrøder-Nielsen, A., Kim, J. A., Richardson, H. M., Marzluff, J. M., Fleischer, R. C., Johnsen, A. and Omland, K. E.  (2018)  Genomic evidence for speciation reversal in ravens.  Nature Communications

Rose, E. M., T. Mathew, D. A. Coss, B. Lohr, and K. E. Omland.  (2018)  A New Statistical Method to Test Equivalence: An Application in Male and Female Eastern Bluebird Song. vol. 145 77-85 Animal Behaviour

Stonko, D. C., Rolle, L. E., Scarselletta, A. L., Christhilf, J. L., Rowley, M. G., Yates, S. S., Cant-Woodside, S., Brace, L., Johnson, S. B., and Omland, K. E.  (2018) New documentation of pine forest nesting by the critically endangered Bahama Oriole (Icterus northropi). vol. 31 1-5 Journal of Caribbean Ornithology

Odom, Karan J., Logue, David M., Studds, Colin E., Monroe, Michelle K., .Campbell, Susanna K., .Omland, K. E. (2017) Duetting behavior varies with sex, season, and singing role in a tropical oriole (Icterus icterus) vol. online early Oxford University Press, Oxford Behavioral Ecology

Campbell, Susanna K., Morales-Perez, Alcides L., Malloy, John F., Mullerklein, Oliver C., Kim, Jin A., Odom Karan. J, and Omland, K. E. (2016) Documentation of female song in a newly recognized species, the Puerto Rican Oriole (Icterus portoricensis) vol. 29 28-36 Journal of Caribbean Ornithology

Cortes-Rodriguez, Maria Nandadevi, Sturge, Rachel J., Omland, K. E. (2016) Morphological and genetic variation of the Yellow-backed Oriole (Icterus chrysater) across its widely disjunct distribution in Central America vol. 128 22-31 Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Sturge, Rachel J., Omland, K. E., Price, J. Jordan  Bernard, Lohr (2016) Divergence in calls but not songs in the orchard oriole complex: Icterus spurius and I. fuertesi vol. 47 109-120 Journal of Avian Biology

Kearns, Anna M., White, Lauren, Austin, Jeremy, Omland, K. E. (2015) Distinctiveness of Pacific Robin subspecies in Vanuatu revealed from disparate patterns of sexual dichromatism, plumage colour, morphometrics and ancient DNA vol. 115 89-98 Australia Emu: Austral Ornithology

Odom, Karan J., Omland, K. E., Price, J. Jordan (2015) Differentiating the evolution of female song and male–female duets in the New World blackbirds: Can tropical natural history traits explain duet evolution? vol. 69 839-847 Evolution

Friedman, Nicholas R., McGraw, Kevin, Omland, K. E. (2014) History and mechanisms of carotenoid plumage evolution in the New World orioles (Icterus) vol. 172 1-8 Elsevier Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology: Part B

Friedman, Nicholas R., McGraw, Kevin, Omland, K. E. (2014) Evolution of carotenoid pigmentation in caciques and meadowlarks (Icteridae): repeated gains of red plumage coloration by carotenoid C4-oxygenation. 3 vol. 68 791-801 Wiley Blackwell Evolution

Odom, Karan J., Hall, M L., Riebel, K., Omland, K. E., Langmore, Naomi E. (2014) Female song is widespread and ancestral in songbirds 3375 vol. 5 na – online only Nature Publishing Group, Nature Communications

Omland, K. E. (2013) Tree thinking: interpreting phylogenetic trees Princeton Guide to Evolution. J. B. Losos ed. Princeton, NJ. Princeton University Press