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Past Members

Evangeline Rose, PhD 2020, Role of female song in within-pair communication in Eastern Bluebirds.

Anna Kearns, Post-doc 2012-2016, Conservation genetics of Australian red robins (Petroica) and speciation reversal in Common Ravens.                                    

Karan Odom, PhD 2016, The evolution of female song and duetting in Puerto Rican troupials.            

Nanda Cortes-Rodriguez, PhD 2013, Speciation of tropical orioles in southern Mexico.                

Rachel Sturge, PhD 2013, Recent speciation in the Orchard Oriole complex.           

Nick Friedman, PhD 2012, Evolution of pigmentation across New World blackbirds.                 

Frode Jacobsen, PhD 2011, Species trees and hybridization in orioles.         

Chris Hofmann, PhD 2007, Repeated loss of elaborate female coloration across orioles.              

Beatrice Kondo, PhD 2006, Evolution of migration in orioles.                       

Jeff Peters, PhD 2006, Population genetics of gadwall ducks.            

Omland Lab PhD Alums at a conference: L to R: Jeff Peters, Nanda Cortes, Frode Jacobsen, Rachel Sturge, Nick Friedman, Chris Hofmann, Kevin Omland

(Photo Credit Main Page, Bahama Oriole, Mangrove Cay, Steve Brezinski)