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Current Members

Janine Antalffy: PhD student working on habitat mapping and conservation genomics of the Bahama Oriole.  Shown in the field on North Andros with Bahamas National Trust intern.

Michelle Moyer: PhD student starting work on Bahama Oriole non-breeding habitat use and female song.  Shown helping UMBC graduate student with local work on cardinals and in a previous field tech position on White-throated Sparrows.


Undergraduate Researchers: We have dedicated teams of undergraduates working on both bluebird female song project and the Bahama Oriole Project (see below for field teams from three previous years).


Bahama Oriole Project Team 2019 (L to R): Sheridan Danquah (UMBC class of 2020), Breanna Byrd (2020), Gabe Wilkins (2021), Sierra Barkdoll (2020), Emma Kartalia (2020), Kevin Omland, Janine Antalffy (PhD student).

Bahama Oriole Project Team 2018 (L to R):  Briana Yancey (UMBC class of 2019), Matt Kane (2019), Cierra McKoy (2020), Michael Rowley (2018), Janine Antalffy (PhD student), Kevin Omland


Bahama Oriole Project Team 2017 (L to R): Kevin Omland, Michael Rowley ( UMBC class of 2018), Jen Christhilf (2018), Cierra McKoy (2020), Briana Yancey (2019), Matt Kane (2019), Rick Stanley (MS Graduate 2017 from Imperial College London), Daniel Stonko (UMBC 2017), Scott Johnson (Bahamas National Trust)

Kevin Omland, PI: faculty member at UMBC since 2000; named UMBC Presidential Research Professor for 2016-2019.  Click here for more details and publications.